AI Generated Articles for SEO

We like to dibble and dabble with up and coming technology, especially when it related to our industry – writing!

When we heard that there was a technology that can write for you, we got a bit of a shock. 

Luckily, its not good enough to summarise full length articles. But, it is good at writing from scratch. So we decided to test it out and here are the results.

How to be proficient at skim reading The Chatty Mammoth is a team of practiced writers who appreciate the virtues of reading, but cannot fit enough of it in. We spend our hours searching for a diverse selection of cognitively satiating articles, located beyond the mainstream media; we then choose 3 standouts, and summarise them …

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Newsletters are the best way to stay up-to-date on all the latest happenings in your industry. They're a great way to get relevant, valuable information delivered right to your inbox. Here at The Chatty Mammoth we are evidently biased towards our own newsletter, but we thought we'd break down the characteristics we value in the best newsletters anyway.