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Reading is known to be one of the best ways to learn a language. So, we decided to make it easier for you.

Each day, you will get an email with 3 handpicked pieces of writing, summarised into 2 minute reads.

An article is only chosen if we – a team of English writers – find it interesting. We want to make sure that you can learn without being bored.

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Our original product was made for native English speakers who wanted an easier way to read more interesting content. Therefore, you could say that we specialise in finding the most fascinating writing!

Boosted Confidence in the English Language

Through small, daily exposure to sophisticated English content, you will naturally increase your language comprehension and confidence.

Only 2 minutes each day

Our emails are designed to be read in under 2 minutes. Therefore, you can improve your English abilities without sacrificing too much time.

Interview Preparation

If you have an interview or meeting being hosted in English, this is a perfect way to develop a toolkit of engaging conversations.

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This is the type of content that you would be receiving daily.

The Yoghurt Mafia

From meth manufacturing to yoghurt production, The Yoghurt Mafia shares the story of how a group’s boredom, innovativeness, and craving for better food in prison, enabled them to utilise the limited resources they had to turn yoghurt into a prison trading community. Wal and Dylan’s project allowed them to find joy and achieve something in a place meant to strip away a person’s character. A narrative of inspiration and transformation.

How Much to Rent a Royal Property?

How expensive would it be to rent a royal property? If you’ve ever watched “The Crown” on Netflix, you may have wondered to yourself just how much it would cost to live somewhere similar. By comparing properties near royal properties and averaging their cost per square meter, UNCLE figured out the hypothetical rent for all the royal houses. Unsurprisingly due to its size and location, Buckingham Palace would be the most expensive to rent out, costing an estimated £2.5 million per month.

More Twins Are Being Born Today Than Ever Before

Our growing preference for starting families later in life could be causing more twin births. Although the rise in pregnancies resulting in multiple children can be partly attributed to in-vitro fertilization, studies show that women over 35 years of age are three to four times more likely to give birth to fraternal twins. It’s still unknown if the trend will continue, but a team of scientists speculate that this could shift population patterns dramatically in the coming decades.

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