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The History of Sunscreen

Although Coppertone was not the first sunscreen ever made, nor the first to be commercially successful in the US, it was crucial to the history of sunscreen. Aside from convincing the public to use sunscreen — successfully shifting it from wartime application to everyday use — through their Little Miss Coppertone ads, they were the first commercial brand to scientifically label their sunscreen with the Sun Protection Factor, eventually paving the way for its standardisation in the industry.

An Enterprise of Solid Gold

In the 1700s, prior to copyright laws, piracy was a respectable business. “Take a book that is selling well, reprint it…then haul in the profit.” But, whilst not illegal, pirating literature was still a risky enterprise, with fads often passing in a shorter time than it took to print a novel. Even so, Voltaire himself embraced and encouraged piracy of his work, simultaneously – and perhaps mischievously – making modification to this texts, producing “endless variations on the same themes”.

Why Silicon Valley Fell in Love With an Ancient Philosophy of Austerity

If Stoicism preaches austerity, then why is Silicon Valley so adamant on adopting it? Jacob Rosenberg argues that they’re using it as a justification for preserving the status quo; as Stoicism (or at least what seems to be the modern version) leans into dealing with what fate has in store for you, it is put forth that it justifies why some Silicon Valley personalities believe that the wealth disparity of America is something that just must be tolerated.

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