How Bosch Experienced His Own Kind Of Hell

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The Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch is well regarded as a “psychedelic visionary” of his time, having single-handedly changed the imagery of demons and hell in the west. His depictions of demons are a mishmash of animal and human imagery and objects. While it’s still unknown exactly how he conjured these images, a few experts propose that ergot poisoning could be to blame, as ergot was rampant during the Middle Ages. Ergotamine, which causes ergot poisoning, is similar to LSD in composition, leading to “delusions, twitching, and violent jerking”. Read full article here

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How Google Can Earn Our Trust

Google and YouTube’s enthusiasm for podcasting has cooled off in recent times. Bryan Barletta, speaking at Frequency’s CEO Pete Jimison’s event, will discuss how podcast networks can automate their vetting process in order to gain speed, efficiency, and scale their network. Despite holding fourth place in podcast downloads, Google Podcasts lacks any way to generate revenue, and Google is pushing for podcasters to upload content directly to YouTube instead. This one-sided relationship does not benefit the podcast industry, and new features such as RSS ingestion, measurement, and audio ads are needed for YouTube Podcasts to be beneficial to both sides. Read full article here

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