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We understand that being time-poor means you cannot prioritise reading. The Chatty Mammoth curates, summarises and distributes the most stimulating online writing into daily 2 minute reads, so that you can read more in less time.

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Some people who sing our praises

Time is money

Whilst we all appreciate the virtues of reading, we are equally as familiar with reading’s omnipresent ‘time-vampires’: the hours wasted either trying to find an interesting read or churning through the irrelevant fluff that is used to bulk out an essay.

As a result, we created our ‘money-saving gimmick’ to calculate how much time – and thus money – you could be saving by reading our summarised content. 

The Value To You

What benefits do you get from being a member of The Chatty Mammoth?

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You Save time

On average, you'll receive 6000 words of content condensed into a 2 minute read. We read the whole article, so that you only need to read the interesting bits.

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You Can Reduce Small-Talk

You will always be armed with 'conversation worthy content' - topics that you'll want to bring up during office coffee breaks.

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You're Supporting Independent Journalism

You will be engaging with articles from non-mainstream sources, helping to bring traffic - and thus advertising revenue - to the outlets most people haven't heard of.

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Your Curiosity is Piqued

You'll be embraced by an eclectic range of knowledge. The Chatty Mammoth is the opposite of current-affairs; we provide information from outlets you wouldn't usually read, on topics that you haven't previously encountered.

The same price as a loaf of bread

(We set our price according to the average price of a 500g loaf of fresh white bread in the USA – you can read more about it here)

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