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We help schools, colleges, and libraries establish a culture of independent reading and lifelong learning.

We achieve this through our daily summaries of three fascinating reads.

Each summary is written in under 90 wordsdesigned to prompt new thoughts, and intended to encourage a “click-through” for further reading. 

Our summaries are suited for ages 15 and up.

Our content can be delivered over email, intranet, or bespoke integration.

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While we are flexible in our pricing, most of our customers use one of the following two pricing models:

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You bet! Our main goal is to encourage students to read more; we use our 90-word summary as a way to entice them to read the full article.

We take privacy extremely seriously and purposefully limit our access to any student data for this reason.

For example, if you opt for newsletter delivery, we can send all content through a “blind forwarding address,” where our system doesn’t even see the email addresses at the other end.


Due to the nature of our audience, we avoid articles that could be considered upsetting or hurtful.

Similarly, we avoid any talk of illicit substances, religion, or anything that would require a “trigger warning.”

Additionally, we are an apolitical organisation.

You can get in touch with us in under 30 seconds (we timed it!) here. From there, we can talk about a free trial for a cohort of your choosing. All going well, we can have you (and anyone else) receiving content within one working day.

We avoid any articles that require an account to be read. In saying that, there will be some articles from websites that restrict you to only X free articles per month. 

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Depending on how you choose to set up The Chatty Mammoth, we can provide:

a) Open rates – see how many students are actually using The Chatty Mammoth

b) Click-through rates – see how many students are choosing to read more on a topic

c) Time spent reading – see how long students spend reading our content

We’re willing to adjust according to your requirements, and are happy to do the work for you.

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“…[T]he worse your logic, the more interesting the consequences to which it gives rise.”

Bertrand Russell

Good question! We’re a team of writers based around the world who work together to spread our love of eclectic reading.

Or did you mean me personally? As in me writing this very sentence? I guess that will just have to remain a mystery…

Educational Clickbait is the term we use to describe the content we find and make. Our work is designed to catch your eye, teach you something new, and be easy to consume. Hence, educational clickbait.

We believe we coined the term; let us know if you believe otherwise!

That depends! If you have opted in for our “lifetime” subscription, then your student just clicks a button, enters their email address, and hey presto, they are getting our premium newsletter!

Our content is written in such a way that everyone aged 15 and above should find it intriguing and engaging. However, it’s worth noting that there is no age restriction! For instance, we recently discovered that our oldest subscriber (to our public newsletter) is 94 years old!

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