Social Media Sites Used By Journalists, General Public Differ

Does it ever feel like some social media sites are dominated by one political viewpoint? Well, there may be some truth to that, at least in the US. Journalists use different social media depending on their audiences’ political leanings. Right-leaning news organisations are more likely to mention Facebook as one of their organisation’s top social media sites. In contrast, left-leaning organisations are twice as likely to use Instagram. Read full article here

Friends At First Sniff: People Drawn To Others Who Smell Like Them

Birds of the same feather flock together; do people with the same scent get along swell? It looks like we click with people who smell like us! In a test called the Mirror Game, scientists had 17 strangers stand near each other and mimic each other’s movements silently, and then asked if they clicked with the stranger they had just played the game with. 77% of those who said they clicked with each other had similar odours, meaning they clicked based on nothing more than how the other person smelled. Read full article here

The Lucrative Economics Of Expert Witnesses

There’s an expert for everything, no matter how niche the topic is. Lawyers would know, with the job constantly requiring them to bring experts to the witness stand. These expert witnesses give their interpretations of the case’s facts to aid the judge and jury. But their expertise isn’t cheap; they command hundreds of dollars per hour for trial prep and their presence in court. In one case, a forensic architect, who looks into why buildings fall apart, said they were paid $2.4 million for their time on a case. Read full article here

Trained Rats To Be Sent Into Earthquake Debris Wearing Tiny Backpacks With Microphones

Rats have a terrible rep, but they’re really cool critters! They’re smart and easily trained, which, coupled with their small size, makes them a great search-and-rescue animal for earthquakes. Equipped with tiny backpacks kitted out with microphones, cameras, and trackers, rats trained by Dr. Donna Kean’s team could serve as a lifeline between human rescue teams and people stuck under rubble. The rats, which return after hearing a beep, are being trained on mock debris but will be sent on their first mission the next time an earthquake strikes Turkey. Read full article here

The Queen And Me – What I Learned About Leadership From The Honeybees

If your team is suffering, maybe it’s time to replace your leader. Dr Courtney Bir learned that this was true… for bee hives, anyway. As a hobby beekeeper, she had to deal with a very aggressive hive. They stung, and stung often. But you see, the behaviour of a hive is dependent on its queen because every bee in the hive is her child. After replacing her hive’s queen, the change was rather dramatic; while they were still angry, they didn’t go out of their way to sting her anymore. Read full article here

A Natural History Of Beauty

How did living things become beautiful? Imagine beautiful things as the result of a competitive two-player game. For example, flowers evolved to be more beautiful to attract pollinators so they can reproduce. While pollinators are only after the flower’s nectar, the flower’s beauty is a neon sign that screams: “Hey, I have delicious nectar here for you!” The brighter the sign, the more it catches the pollinator’s attention. Because pollinators chase after the most beautiful flowers, flowers evolve to become more beautiful than their peers. Read full article here

The Art Of Asking Great Questions

What makes a great question? Perhaps a question that makes someone willing to provide more information than normal? One tip that helps you formulate this type of question is to phrase your question in a way that shows you’re prepared for the conversation. When asking your question, sprinkle in some information about the other party and connect it to your main question. They’ll know you’re interested and will be more eager to talk.
Read full article here

The Women Booking Airbnbs For Their Home Births

Ever since the pandemic, home births gained popularity among pregnant women. But some of these women aren’t actually giving birth in their homes; instead, they book Airbnbs to deliver their bundles of joy. Why go through the trouble of a home birth outside of the comfort of your own house then? Well, home births can have complications. Some women want to have a home birth but live very far from a hospital. So, they book properties close to a hospital in case of an emergency that needs immediate medical attention. Read full article here

Vets Today Are Like Doctors Yesterday

Vets are actually very creative with their treatments. Much like the doctors of yesterday, vets don’t follow a script for treating animal conditions. When they prescribe treatments, they inform their patients of the pros and cons and let them choose if they want to proceed or not. Human doctors today are different. They’re too afraid of going off-course in the treatment plans they studied in college because of malpractice lawsuits. Patients could sue them for not treating their ailments properly and doing all that they can to cure them. Read full article here

The Problem With Note-Taking

Why do we take notes? Note-taking aficionados will tell you that we take notes to free our minds from hoarding information, letting us use our minds for art and other forms of creative expression. But there’s another view for us to consider: we take notes to transition our present to a future self. We’re freeing ourselves from retaining information by writing it down, but it also takes us away from the present moment. We’re so caught up in note-taking that we end up not living in the moment anymore. Read full article here


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