MIT Scans Brain Of Hyperpolyglot Vaughn Smith, Who Speaks 24 Languages

Are there any differences between the brain of a hyperpolyglot and a monoglot? Polyglots and hyperpolyglots are people who speak multiple languages; the former speak at least six, while the latter can speak at least 11. Brain scans show that hyperpolyglots’ language processing areas are more efficient, showing less activity than in a monoglot’s brain. It’s still unknown if hyperpolyglots are born with more efficient brains for processing language or if their brains were moulded that way after learning many languages while they were still developing. Read full article here

The Cult Of Cicero: Have Latinists Been Brainwashed?

Cicero, called “the greatest author of Roman eloquence”, has been considered the pinnacle of Latin prose ever since the first century. Latin students have been taught Latin that closely matches Ciceronian syntax and vocabulary; however, Cicero’s style is hardly representative of Latin. Because of this, many modern Latin students have trouble reading works from other Latin authors and even the day-to-day writings of the ancient Roman public from before, during, and after the “Golden Age” to which Cicero belongs. Read full article here


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