Electrical Muscle Stimulation Takes The Work Out Of Your Workouts

Growing stronger and losing weight without putting in the effort seems like a fairytale, right? Electrical muscle stimulation might make the dream come true. During EMS, a full-body suit sends out electric charges that stimulate your muscles as if you’ve actually worked out. Older people, in particular, are reaping the benefits. Since they can’t do traditional strength training anymore, EMS is a viable alternative that keeps them healthy and strong. Some evidence suggests that the benefits go beyond strength training; EMS seems to promote cell growth and slow down the ageing process! Read full article here

Dangerous Herbal Abortion Misinformation Is Thriving On Witchtok

“[I]t’ll kill your child that’s in your womb, 100 percent. But it’s also going to cause all these other issues that could lead to your own death.” After Roe v. Wade was overturned—making abortion illegal in some US states—rampant misinformation about herbal abortifacients spread on witchcraft TikTok. For example, Pennyroyal is one of the most recommended abortion herbs on Witchtok. While it could be effective, you’re betting on your vital organs in the process; rarely do any of these TikToks mention how pennyroyal can cause liver and kidney damage. Read full article here

Saudi Arabia Plans To Spend $1 Billion A Year Discovering Treatments To Slow Aging

Saudi Arabia, for all of its wealth (perhaps even because of it), has a huge problem. Its citizens are so affluent that they’re ageing faster than most other people, experiencing higher rates of obesity and diabetes because they eat more and exercise less. This is likely why the Saudi crown prince plans to spend 1 billion USD every year on anti-aging research. What makes the Saudis’ attempt stand out is that they’re going to be pumping a lot more money not just into research but also into drug trials. Read full article here

Natural Gas Used In Homes Contains Hazardous Air Pollutants

Do you use natural gas at home? It might be more dangerous than is commonly thought. Well, at least in America. Unburned natural gas in the Greater Boston area was discovered to contain volatile organic chemicals that can be toxic to humans, increasing the risk of cancer and causing damage to our airways. When contained, the gas poses a little issue; the danger arising during a leak. We’re unsure if this is true for natural gas everywhere, but it’s best to open your windows and doors when cooking. Read full article here

Teen Sleep, Brain Science And The Debate Over School Start Times

Does school start too early? It turns out that pre-8am school start times are wreaking havoc on American teens. Studies show that teens have biologically different sleep schedules from other age groups. Teens feel sleepy later in the night and need 8-10 hours of sleep. The early school start time doesn’t allow them to get proper rest, which affects their ability to learn and their mental health. Sleep deprivation has been linked to depression, so discussions regarding school start times have started flaring up recently in America.
Read full article here

How Doctors Die

Would it be surprising if we told you that doctors refuse to get much medical treatment done themselves? If you’ve seen what they’ve seen, then it shouldn’t be. Doctors get to see the suffering that comes with fighting death. They watch patients deteriorate from cancer treatments that only buy them a few more months; they’ve broken ribs administering CPR to patients who end up dying anyway. They don’t want to suffer when their time comes, so, often, doctors choose to quietly reject medicine and pass peacefully with their families. Read full article here

What Does Detoxing Actually Mean?……

Detoxing is a lifelong process that involves more than just our bodies. While many think of detoxing as just expelling physical toxins, detoxing also means getting rid of negative emotions and thoughts. So, if the detoxification process gets stuck, it affects us both physically and mentally. Look to the heart as an example. It’s the second stage in the detox cycle, and toxins can cause palpitations, insomnia, and excessive dreams. So, just one type of detoxing isn’t enough. You have to detox both your mind and body to stay healthy. Read full article here

The Human Health Observatory In Our Sewers

After years of being polio-free, Israel was shaken up by the discovery of a silent polio pandemic within its borders in 2013. The outbreak could’ve caused chaos if it had not been caught early. Their saviour? Sewers. In 1989, Israel established a national sewage surveillance system that monitored wastewater for the polio virus. It was this same system that discovered a budding resurgence of the dreaded disease. Experts are now exploring wastewater surveillance to track other diseases, like COVID-19, as wastewater reflects health trends days before cases spike. Read full article here

A Hepatitis Mystery

Hepatitis is a well-documented disease, so it’s quite alarming that a new hepatitis outbreak in children tests negative for all known causes of the disease. The only lead that experts have is that a significant number of these patients were infected with Ad41F, an adenovirus that has never been noted as a cause of hepatitis before. Experts are speculating that COVID-19 may play a part in this uptick in mystery hepatitis, as many of the patients are too young to be vaccinated against the disease. Read full article here

Physical Fatigue Is In The Brain As Much As In The Body

Richard Virenque’s performance during stage 12 of the 1997 Tour de France is a striking example of placebos’ effects on our physical performance. He asked his physiotherapist, Willy Voet, to inject him with a miracle drug that could give him an edge over his rival, Jan Ullrich. Indeed, Virenque went toe-to-toe with Ullrich, coming behind him by only 3 minutes. But unbeknownst to him, Voet swapped out the miracle drug with a glucose solution at the last minute; there was nothing but sugar in it. Read full article here


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