Crab Whiskey Made From Invasive Species By New Hampshire Distillery

The green crab is quite small, but it is one of the biggest terrors of New England. It’s an invasive species that can devour as many as 50 shellfish a day all by itself. Nobody wants to use it for cooking because there’s simply not enough meat on them. So, a distillery took matters into its own hands. Crab Trapper is a bourbon whiskey infused with green crab stock and a variety of spices, tasting like cinnamon, clove, and all-spice with a hint of the briny sea. Read full article here

The Inventive ‘Queens Of Ices’

Nothing beats the heat quite like ice cream! It’s cold, delicious, and most importantly, very portable in an ice cream cone. But where did the ice cream cone come from? Agnes Bertha Marshall, the “queen of ices”, published the first known recipe for a wafer cone in her cookbook Mrs. A.B. Marshall’s Cookery Book (a very creative name). But ironically enough, they weren’t even originally for ice cream; while she did suggest using ice cream or sorbet, they were originally filled with whipped cream! Read full article here

A New Underwater Greenhouse Could Reveal The Future Of Agriculture

Everyone has heard about conventional farming methods, but what about farming plants underwater? Nemo’s Garden is a sneak peek at a viable alternative farming method that can help feed our growing population, especially those living on coasts. Made of plastic domes, the underwater garden produces crops more nutritious and more environmentally friendly than traditionally-planted ones. How is this possible? It might be because the plants—which are grown hydroponically without soil—have abundant sunlight and because the surrounding water keeps the temperature steady all day. Read full article here

Why Does Everyone Seem To Have Food Intolerances These Days?

Food intolerances are negative reactions to foods that don’t involve the immune system. Unlike allergies or auto-immune diseases, which can be deadly and severe, the most you’ll probably feel from a food intolerance is mild abdominal pain and general discomfort. While it may seem like more people have food intolerances these days, there’s no evidence that points to a shift in our bodies. Instead, it might be because we are exposed to an increasing diverse population and different ethnicities are more genetically predisposed to different food intolerances. Read full article here

The Colorful History Of Haribo Goldbears, The World’s First Gummy Bears

Haribo gummy candies owe their popularity to the Riegel family embracing innovation and having a strong grasp of business. Haribo’s founder, Hans Riegel, knew that candy was all about appearance and taste. Riegel first established a foothold as a candy entrepreneur by perfecting his gummy bears with the latest confectionary flavour and colour technology. When his sons took over in 1945, they boosted the company’s popularity even more by being one of the first to advertise on television, a new marketing tool at the time. Read full article here

How Ice Cream Became The Ultimate American Comfort Food

Ice cream was essential to the American war effort during World Wars I and II. It was classified as an “essential foodstuff” in World War I by future US President Herbert Hoover. Hospitals had ice cream as a staple food as it boosted morale and health. It was also incredibly important because it provided comfort to warring soldiers. Thinking of ice cream and other childhood foodstuffs was said to keep prisoners of war sane as it reminded them of unconditional love and responsibility-free life. Read full article here

New ‘Smart’ Cheese Rinds Help Fight Parmesan Fraud

Like Champagne, Parmigiano Reggiano is no ordinary parmesan; it is a very specific label bestowed only to cheeses that meet the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium’s strict standards. The consortium hopes to solve the problem of fraudulent parmesan through technology — specifically, microchips in food-safe casein labels. The microchips create a digital twin of the individual wheels of cheese on the blockchain, proving their authenticity. They will be testing this new tech with 100,000 Parmigiano Reggiano wheels in the second quarter of 2022. Read full article here

The Big Fat Lie Of The Fat-Free Food Movement

In 1933, a doctor shared the story of a woman who lost 40 pounds in less than two months after she stopped eating fats altogether. However, one key detail isn’t mentioned in his version of events: she died by the end of it. A fat-free diet is far from healthy; fat is a necessary part of our diets. It is essential to many bodily functions, from hormone production and cell regulation to vitamin A, D, E and K absorption. Read full article here

Why Cheetos Are Banned In Germany, And How They Sneak In Anyway

The main reason why Cheetos are banned in Germany is that a German food conglomerate called Intersnack holds the trademark for the word “Chitos”, which they use in many snacks. But the beloved, artificially reddish-orange flavour bomb still wouldn’t be able to sneak into Germany (or most of Europe) even if its name was changed. American Cheetos contain acrylamide, a potential carcinogen that’s strictly regulated in Europe but considered passable for consumption in the US. Read full article here

How Cartels, Climate And Supply Chains Are Causing Lime Prices To Surge

“The lime trade is a billion-dollar industry and, for any criminal group, it’s very easy and extremely profitable for them to go to the farmers and tell them what they need to pay for protection[.]” Cartels can partly be blamed for the shortage in limes (and the subsequent price surge) recently, as they’re increasingly imposing their control over lime farmers across Mexico to fund a war in Michoacán. Fought between Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación and the United Cartels, the war started after the former started aggressively expanding their territory. Read full article here


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