Europa’s Crust May Be Riddled With Pockets Of Water

Greenland’s “double ridge” formations may have implications on a satellite millions of kilometres away. Jupiter’s moon, Europa, has an icy shell with double ridge formations that potentially have shallow pockets of water with evidence of life. Although it’s uncertain if the Europa and the Greenland ridges formed because of similar processes, the fact that Greenland’s double ridges were formed due to the refreezing, pressurisation, and fracture of shallow pockets of water make this a very real possibility, potentially making it easier to get samples of Europa’s water for examination. Read full article here

The Devil’s In The Detail

One of the most striking features present in the pictures of Argyre Planitia on Mars is the long, wispy tendrils littering the Martian landscape. These tendrils, called as dust devils, are natural dust whirlwinds formed when warm air rises too quickly into cooler air. Occurring both on Mars and Earth, dust devils leave behind stunning tracks in their wake as they make their way through dusty landscapes. Read full article here


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