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"Let me share with you a tool to help you become your #bestmeever"

Becoming your own #bestmeever requires you to have the right tool to help you learn more effectively in the most cost-efficient and time-efficient manner. I’d like to share with you this tool that helps summarize articles that are conversation-worthy, inspiring and life-changing in 90 words or less so you always have something to reflect on and share with others.

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All these and more from my latest collaboration with THE CHATTY MAMMOTH

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“Let me share with you a tool to help you become your #bestmeever

– Myke Celis
Global Master Coach
International Best Selling Author
Daily Conversation Worthy Content

The Chatty Mammoth enables you to:

Always have something to talk about

We only choose topics worthy of in-depth conversation, providing an easy means of preparing for interviews, meetings and social occasions.

Improve writing capabilities

“If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter”. Learning to write concisely is difficult. Exposure to our summaries helps you learn the art of summarisation.

Learn more in less time

We provide a hugely diverse set of subjects, allowing you to naturally uncover new interests, all in 2 minutes a day.

Do something productive with your morning coffee

Don’t scroll aimlessly on your phone during your coffee breaks; use your time productively and enjoyably.

What do you actually get?

An easy way to learn more, impress others and read more interesting content

Each day, you will receive an email with summaries of 3 thought-provoking articles chosen by our team of writers.

Each article meets the following criteria:

  • Exposure to new topics – The Chatty Mammoth is designed to introduce you to topics that you wouldn’t normally encounter.
  • Talking-point content – We only supply stimulating articles that provoke new thoughts and questions.
  • Produced by niche publishers – We purposefully avoid articles from the ‘large players’ in the media industry, simultaneously providing rare content and supporting independent writers.
Our writers summarise each article into under 90 words (meaning the whole email can be read in less than 2 minutes), and ensure that there is one central takeaway for each piece.


"It's like a professional writer is my mentor"

Is it Worth Reading if I Forget Everything I Read?

Danika Ellis contemplates whether reading a book affects her when she can’t even remember a single line. While some people devour and digest their books, remembering every plot point, some are just left with a general impression of a book they read. Does that mean reading a book is pointless for people like Danika? It is put forth that reading can subconsciously shape our thoughts and actions, no matter how much of it we retain in our memory.

Willingness to look stupid

Dan Luu has been thought of as stupid many times in his life, but he almost always come out on top. By risking looking stupid through asking very obvious questions or doing seemingly stupid things, Luu claims he not only learns skills at a heightened rate but also feels liberated without the necessity of adjusting his behaviour. I’d recommend reading through his examples; one humourous account covers Luu going into an Apple store and asking for the computer that comes in the smallest box.

How to Get Over Fear of Disappointing Others

Are you often stressed, anxious, or are feeling burnt out? Maybe it’s because you have a fear of disappointing others (FODO). FODO is a powerful feeling that often makes it very difficult for us to say no and set up healthy boundaries. How do we get over this fear? Nick Wignall provides six tips we can use, one of which is remembering that we’re not responsible for other people’s emotions. How people react is out of your control, so you shouldn’t beat yourself up over them feeling disappointed.

Hint: a lot of our customers like to use our summaries as dinner-time topics of conversation.

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