What we do

We read the whole article, so that you can consume just the conversation-worthy elements.


Our team's first duty is to find a collection of brilliant reads from little-known sources


We then select the three most stimulating articles for you to receive that day


After that, we construct short summaries of each article, focusing on a single takeaway


Lastly, you will receive an email with three articles condensed into a 2 minute read

What do you get:

…an engaging way to save time and read more intriguing content.

Why do we do it?

We are a team of writers who don’t have enough time for reading.

It sounds a bit ironic, but that’s the truth. There is so much content out there nowadays that to keep a finger on the pulse of all things interesting is a task unfit for an individual.

So, in an effort to increase the quantity of knowledge we – and you – can consume, we created The Chatty Mammoth. 

In establishing The Chatty Mammoth we have developed a way in which we can afford to spend time finding, and spreading, the content that we determine to be the most stimulating, whilst also supporting our friends at independent media outlets by pushing attention their way.

Thats enough from us...what do our customers say?

We understand that you may not trust our opinions on ourselves. To be candid, we are slightly biased. Hopefully, you can instead trust the testimonials we have received:

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